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Retirement Planning Suite
For inquiries regarding our software, or to request an online demo, please contact us via email at info@etoolshq.com and we will respond to you promptly.
Welcome to eToolsHQ . . . the premier provider of retirement income tools for the retirement planning professional.
While there are plenty of retirement planning software packages available today, most of them are too complicated to use, require way too much data input to run illustrations, and produce output that contains too much fluff, like meaningless variations and charts and graphs.
We have found that financial advisors prefer software that’s very simple to use.   We’ve also learned that retirees prefer illustrations and visuals that are short and concise and get to the point.
Most retirees and pre-retirees want to know three things:   1) how long will their money last, based on their retirement income needs, 2) how should they invest their money to safely achieve their income needs, and 3) how can they eliminate most of the uncertainty regarding their future income.
eToolsHQ’s Retirement Income Suite is designed to address those concerns in a convincing and straightforward manner, using easy to understand point-of-sale tools.   Our software is:
1) Web-based . . . meaning you can access it from any computer, as well as from mobile devices like smart phones and iPads. Also, you avoid the potential headaches that come from trying to download software to a computer or device that may not be compatible to handle it.
2) Easy to Use . . . Our Retirement Income Suite is so easy to use and understand that little or no training is required. You can literally learn how to run the various illustrations in 10 minutes.
3) Client Friendly . . . Contrary to popular belief, clients & prospects are NOT impressed with the 20 and 30-page proposals generated by many software applications. They want simple, easy to understand illustrations that get to the point and eliminate the unnecessary fluff. X
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